A world without (social) waste

Food waste

Did you know that together we throw away around 1.3 trillion tons of food a year? Bread is thrown away the most: 800,000 loafs of bread a day!!


WASTED is on a mission to save unsold bread from an unnecessary end and to turn it into amazing circular beer!



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Together with our partners we think about how we can minimize food wastage, discover new ways to re-use discarded and unused bread and create as many delicious beers to save as much unsold bread as possible.

this is how we do it

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Social Circular beers

We do not only wish for a circular future, but also strive for as much social impact as well! 

At our brewery, people facing barriers to employment have a place to fully enjoy working to their fullest potential and with all their heart.


This way, we try to let nothing and no one go to waste. Cheers! 

From waste
to taste
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The circle is round

After the beer has been brewed the residual product 'spent grain' - full of fibers and protein - is all that is left. Instead of throwing it away or use it as animal feed, we use it for the development of new circular products like cookies and granola!

Let's keep that circle going round and round!